“Delicious torture awaits!” (Aww, The Androzani Team say the nicest things!)

Unlike my earlier efforts, this one isn’t related to Dr Who. (Well, hardly at all.) It is, however, to some extent, related to certain types of entertainment of a 26 down nature.

9. For love of fictional Russian General (5)
10. Idle talk about vase for leader of slave revolt (3,6)
11. Bird off her head making joint for joining (10)
12. Bone lacks force, make slight adjustment (5)
13. Ringleader and Capone caught by beginner detective (7)
15. Go astray in a particular place? I see (I hear). Odd (7)
17. Pertwee without Northern interjection may be a bit of a twit (5)
18. Large cup to lead to silent spring? (1,1,1)
20. Somewhat banal saint? (5)
22. Sleeping partner of 13 across? (7)
25. Endlessly nettle in peptide hormone (7)
26. Instruments use transparency fifty one (5)
27. First in uncertain omen – journalist had it licked (9)
30. 26 down hit in which 28 down is reportedly stolen by hungry monarch (9)
31. Not exactly a leader of the underground movement in 26 down TV show! (5)
1. See 19.
2. Cancel redoubtable lion, a friend of Judy (8)
3. Doctor reverses polarity of electrically charged wire (4)
4. She’s no Lady, for example (8)
5. Good person to return, that is Howard the Duck’s accessory (6)
6. Heroic professor ‘as part of academic year with fool (10)
7. Insignificant member of 26 down, perhaps (6)
8. Difficult journey to stardom? (4)
13. Hear unfortunate attempt to vomit (5)
14. Overpraise film – they make it more intense (10)
16. Barbarian would be trickster if he took in head of M.I.6 (5)
19, 1. Mysterious glow around zenith – it’s a dimension between light and shadow, an area we call the… (8,4)
21. Brains almost lies – almost – about a type of mathematical mapping (8)
23. Get Bo to help out with prefix in that vein (6)
24. Possible avant-garde artist’s garment (6)
26. Lieutenant from Cambridge University may be cargo, for example (4)
28. Cockney mug, I hear Hamlet wasn’t sure about him either (4)
29. Active, but gloomy-sounding (4)

PS here’s a cool picture from CoolThingsInRandomPlaces, a building in Lvov city in Ukraine.


3 thoughts on ““Delicious torture awaits!” (Aww, The Androzani Team say the nicest things!)

    • Eek! Yes you’re right, of course, it should indeed be 1,1,1. I’ll amend it, just in case anyone else wants to have a go.

      well, I’m pleased that this one wasn’t a walkover…. at least, assuming that was for the right reasons!

      (And I’m glad you liked 3 down, which is one of my favourites 🙂

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