In the beginning was the Word (the Cross came later)


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1. A first half of 7 helps headless and tailless sheep to gambol (6)
4. A first half of 7 to disfigure Sade (7)
9. Elves live here, in broken computer (9)
10. A first half of 7 to return gracefully; to echo (5)
11. Vague article type (abbrev.) (5)
12. Signalling method uses do-re-me-fa-so in C, I hear. Far fetched? Perhaps used by a first half of 7? (5,4)
13. Where introverted patients look, and are (7)
15. My wise, stormy first half of 7 (6)
17. A first half of 7 found in passageway facing north (6)
19, 26. Gold blown up in an early first half of 7 (7,5)
22. A first half of 7 from 21 can stroll around everyone (9)
24. I’m using a General Electric style (5)
26. See 19
27. A first half of 7 to make mistake in 1004 with drink (8)
28. “New” north by northeast railway leads to devoted community (7)
29. First half of 7 Mike is worse actor (6)
1. Noble without article gets in car for magician and first half of 7 (7)
2. Himes’ Jones spoke wildly from his heart (5)
3. Army bring army ashore (4,5)
4. Victor Gibson sketched (7)
5. Historian finds Wat’s head in Tyler (5)
6. Watchers went mad about privy, lost their head (9)
7. Back on T.V., you old Grommet? (6)
8. Sod ’em, I miss the Moon! (6)
14. Flower like unruly Arsène (4,5)
16. Flower like unruly fig maniac (9)
18. Qualification to be first half of 7 or discomforted infant (2,5)
19. I hear someone laughing loudly in pursuit of gold – it glimmers (6)
20. A fedora, shoulder holster and corrective lenses? (7)
21. South west garden country (6)
23. Exterminator gets back in in time (5)
25. Woken by Niven’s police force pursuing Gore? (5)

One thought on “In the beginning was the Word (the Cross came later)

  1. Got the whole thing! WOOHOO! Not that it was easy, we hasten to assure you. We particularly enjoyed the theme of this one, although would you believe we’d almost finished the entire thing before getting the rather crucial 7 down? Now that’s playing with one hand tied behind your back (although to be fair we knew what it was going to be in general). We thought 5 down was particularly delightfully constructed (at least that one, uncharacteristically, didn’t trouble us for long) and we giggled at 29 across. Tremendously enjoyable – big ups to the setter.

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