Note Rosalind’s promise.

1. Estimated dimensions have increased (5,2)
5. Sacrifice end of sale (5,2)
9, 10. Using place of execution plus rope may lead to suspension (5,3,6)
11. Director right to reverse list of duties; he abhors you! (9)
12. “Lights-mountain” diamond excavated here (5)
13. Subject is best London university (5)
15. Minister to con man, perhaps, infected with (I’m told) an imaginary ailment (9)
18. Left a page behind giving minister’s duties (9)
19. Solution involves paper-like material, not Maori fort (5)
21. In court, regret reference to condiment container (5)
23. What you have in your head limits production of “Top Gear” (5,4)
25. International organisation sure to win one in principle (after losing first and third try) (9)
26. First word spoken audibly tonight (5)
27. Ocular preparation used by Uriah Heep? (7)
28. Composition found by regarding reflection of old experimenter (7)
1. Underlying meaning of “The Hunt for Red October” ? (7)
2. Withdraw right of sword to subdue fabulous land – who will care for the animals? (9)
3. Capital of Watson to assume alias (5)
4. Examination for cats? (9)
5. Command word: behead queen! (5)
6. Burning hoops to make waders (9)
7. “Duck! Run!” Bullets flew all around (5)
8. Wine poured into hock? Our darkest hour (7)
14. Bar from listening to sea song about school fair (9)
16. Merry Queen Cole had the gift of the gab (9)
17. Why everyone will turn up eventually (9)
18. Imagine broken pie crust releases steam, not meat (7)
20. Louis the Third? Fourth? Third! Or Second? First! – it was a long time ago (7)
22. Fictional spy agency following monkeys after unexpected occurrence (5)
23. Old type of buckler was in Sherlock Holmes forewords (5)
24. Rails about girls in hot pants (5)

Printer version (PDF) – crossword9



2 thoughts on “Note Rosalind’s promise.

  1. We were surprised with this one how much not having a theme reduced the difficulty – we ripped through it like a whirlwind compared to the time it takes us to get the themey ones. Lots of lovely clues (we particularly liked the delightful cleverness of 22 down).

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