Jonathan said he was in a large group (9)

Since I’ve been a member of a crossword related forum, I have been trying to sharpen up my clues, which means making them fairer (not that I was ever intentionally unfair, I hasten to add, but let’s say some of them were a bit loosely constructed, and that I’m now more aware of the rules of clue-setting, i.e. what is considered reasonable and what isn’t).

Printer friendly version (PDF): xw10

1, 8. Quote from “Marvel”: “Laugh, Wonder Woman, but thee I’d do – endlessly, passionately!” (3,2,3,5,6,3,4)
10. Obsessive types swallow first part of farmyard chorus for nymphs (7)
11. Sounds like a minor ailment for this long a break (4,3)
12. Oxbridge students in distress? (5)
13. Open spaces reflected macho type of man on wagon – a Western, perhaps (9)
14. Mayhem with a vocal component (5)
16. Song release from plane? (3,5)
18. Coe majors in inclination of the head; it may lead to injury (9)
19. Hand I shake into a cat? (5)
20. Margaret T. had no right (though she had a point) – nasty, nasty woman! (9)
23. Dr Seuss and Capra’s private breakdown (5)
24. She’s warm: signal to stop (7)
25. Order in American arithmetic isn’t mentioned in the theatre (7)
26. Spotty rendition of “Ebony and Ivory”, perhaps? (6-3-4)
2. Supports I wear ‘ave sharp tip – they’ll grind down (9)
3. Weight distributed about his bridge-like game (5)
4. After degree, close relative has something on which to build (5)
5. Television’s first “Doctor Who” broadcast was … blond? (3-6)
6. Accidentally discovered rook in sky (9)
7. See? Decent shirt appeared archaic (5)
8. See 1 across.
9. United Front leaders: “Shut thy trap during battle!” – in which boy stood, not so beamish (6,7)
15. “Corn God” – one may get caught in this story of Modesty and Willie (5,4)
16. Drink leads to kiss, and woman indoors … he had many conquests (9)
17. Incomparable sweet (9)
21. German poet and novelist kind in religious schooling (5)
22. I’m not moved to become an Athenian (5)
23. Plunders professor of neurology (5)

4 thoughts on “Jonathan said he was in a large group (9)

  1. Hey Xanthippe? Could you add a printer-friendly version? Maybe find or create a template in Word into which you can paste the grid and clues? It would make it easier for more of us to solve the whole thing instead of browsing through the clues.

    Hope to send some more solvers your way…


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