Duel loses the same direction twice!

By the way, I have acquired a de facto nom de plume, namely Xanthippe. To (more or less) quote Araucaria, “Perhaps I shouldn’t have chosen a name that no one can either spell or pronounce!”

But anything that’s good enough for his Reverence is good enough for me.

However, see the comment I received; it looks like Xanthippe is taken. So back to the drawing board…not that I was actually looking for a “compiler name”. (My husband suggests C++, what can he mean?)

PS Please note I may make small changes to the clues after making the PDFs, especially when people point out mistakes. I will try to update the PDF versions, but the blog version is “definitive” !

PPS Note to purists – I do mention live people (and may use live ammunition).


1. Standards organisation prohibits use of pressure indicators (7)
5. Lacking direction, abdicated? No (7)
10. Computers were slower in Constable’s day (1,1,4)
11. They got the edge in record time, but didn’t last (8)
12. Definitely the end for cathedral city (3)
13, 7 down. The Collins Book of Deadly Pursuits (6,5)
14. Against setting problems after work (8)
15. Children’s writer nearly backed playwright (5)
16. Sad amidst cheers and very slight smell, like Le Pétomane’s act (surprisingly) (9)
19. The centre of attention lacks fruit (9)
21. Unsophisticated, backward resort (5)
24. She might call herself “The Misuse” ? (8)
26. Listen: you spy on country discussed euphemistically (6)
27. Point to one form of online chat (3)
28. Have a go at volunteer force (female) (8)
29. I hear two animals can make a trifle (6)
30. Violent P.E. during meals can lead to people weighing less (7)
31. Follow-up to Information Era, perhaps, is theft of stock (7)


2. Turn small amount in total, but first give way to temptation (7)
3. The sauce of McCoy, hiding Kirk’s diary near end of trek! (9)
4. Extra conditions imposed on the storm? (6)
6. Wilson initially got wise to matter of extinct ungulate (8)
7. See 13 across
8. Trips due to trouble with money (7)
9. Result of promise to “Tan your hide!” ? Unspeakable (6,3,4)
17. “Lord 010!” (4,1,4)
18. Sound of Liz’s corn – it’s painful (8)
20. Unsuitably described Ms Sharples: “fat, but not round – right?” (7)
22. See 25 down
23. “B-list” Dickens character? (6)
25, 22 down. High cost of describing tentacle (2,3,3,1,3)

pdf version xw11

2 thoughts on “Duel loses the same direction twice!

  1. I did wonder about that! I tried Googling for something like “Xanthippe crossword” but didn’t get anything that made me think it was a compiler, so thanks for letting me know (obviously s/he is not well known enough, unfortunately – where might I find his/her work?)

    I put it down to living in backwards New Zealand. On the plus side I can now try to think of a name I want to use rather than one that was kind of fosited on me, with the best intentions I’m sure. So for now I will stick to LizR (should I need to refer to myself in clues, I mean).

    Or maybe just something like ”setter finds pointer to identity of compiler” (warning – do not attempt to solve).

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