Leader is next for Bros – swore last is previous


1. Drive revolutionary heads of steam where one might normally find a drill (9)
6. Lee (director) wears fake head and rusty heart; 
they were worn by Lee (actor) (5)
9. Write about state for nut (5)
10. Shock scoop probes what slithy toves did: they spin in gimbals! (9)
11. Like victims of extortion or concertinas (10)
12. Unstable star ejected from system during violent revolution (4)
14. Delimit the last page (7)
15. Maybe limit us to causes of 5 and 21 (7)
17. They predict diesel car orders will be forthcoming with suitable backing (7)
19. “Roll up for the mystery turn!” – but then led astray? (7)
20, 6 down. Streamline boat to prevent it from moving? (4,4)
22. Goal made mad and vulnerable (10)
25. Pulling back like a snake, perhaps (9)
26. Dislike getting new penny for diamond; it’s a number (5)
27. Almost figure out that is Miss Derkins (5)
28. Sweet tempter imprisons student – Jet Black, perhaps (9) 
1. Snack with boiled pasta (5)
2, 24. Having risen, one eats a Curry, the usual starter (4,4,1,4)
3. She walked on glass splinters: all in creed (10)
4. Add organ, perhaps, to place of clouded hills (7)
5. Sings like a bird, gets heroin injection; all for 21 (7)
6. See 20 across
7. Hidden spots without affirmations (5)
8. Geordie’s right to have a snooze before entering establishments; outsiders back 13’s antagonist (9)
13. Silly chap, Gus, travels by horse – he’s the 77th Earl (5,5)
14. Spooner’s minion gives the order; they make sure you know your place (9)
16. Nude 5 has extremities removed, tortured to obtain little chap’s alias (9)
18. Government officials are bad members, I’ve heard (7)
19. Guy pinging bra strap is twit, annoyance; doesn’t have someone in pursuit (7)
21. Signs you may notice when you have bump, possibly (2 24) while en route from Chicago to Santa Monica (5)
23. Object to drink journalist knocked back (5)
24. See 2

(pdf (not completely up to date): xw12)

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