“Have ye seen the size o’ that thing (again), Doctor?” (Doctor Who Abjures Norms!) (7,5,9)

Only a bit themey, and dedicated to “Hoskins” who inspired 1 down, and “Anax”, who kindly commented favourably on my clue for it (both on http://www.ukpuzzle.com)…

(…and despite the title, nothing to do with Dr Who…)

…but don’t let that stop you having a go!  And please leave a comment, should you feel so inclined.

1. Ersatz ale’s included in moonshine (10)
6. Dropped midfielder; he’s too liberal (4,6)
13. Coral tangles ropes? (4,5)
14. See 18
15. Kafka’s guy (a bit thick) heard musical progression (7)
16. Detest, as bad habit of religion leads to (5)
17. Turn head: how in-law ran back to see swimming unicorn (7)
18,14. Sub-submarine underminers (4,5,3,3)
19. Bide a wee while for a tasty salad (4,2)
20. “Hot Rod” rates open topped car (8)
23. Unhelpful advice when racing to Bonnie Banks (3,4,3,4,4)
29. Dresses for owls? (10)
30. “Vermicious Knids (dickies removed, balls added) served up?” – said of someone who’ll eat anything (10)
31. Central tower chilled out with film series and reassuring maxim (4,4,3,5,2)
35. Capital author of “Lark about with noisy stains” (4,4)
38. One interstellar flight (6)
40. “Monster mash” from pre ’69 band (4)
43. Food from heaven one consumed, so endless tomorrows (7)
44. Groovy feature of Maria, for example (5)
45. Coens raised here? (7)
46. Surprisingly sly about nervous rattling (11)
47. Cod I’m chasing towards naked diver (9)
48. See 1 down
49. Info about rarest endangered species found here (10)
1,48. We’re left handed? (4-8,10)
2. Spike caused infection from drug dealer I’d busted (7,5)
3. Class with no right to be in Surrey town (6)
4. Recoiled aerobatically? (6,3,4)
5. Here, your ass is toast (7)
7. Midge meets death before bear (6)
8. Barker shortly to be in doggy state (7)
9. Dine out with lady; insertion was an essential part (7)
10. Nasty bigot, he’s all mouth and no trousers (8)
11. McCarthy era stop signal? (3,5)
12. Bird asylum? (8)
21. Club let off struggle (6)
22. Before I’m the Carpenter’s mate, I deliver farm produce (6)
24. Kite storage: kept in wardrobe, I’m told (6)
25. Flower blooming again? (13)
26. Piece of wood found on ship? (6)
27. Policyholder diversifies into chemical (12)
28. Astute marlin gives warning of dangerous wave (7,5)
32. Put simply, as otherwise gives poor return (8)
33. Ask about sound of Marley’s ghost? (3,5)
34. Eccentric branch of pedal component (8)
36. Spirit of shaman? It ought to be (7)
37. 23 across initially reveals composer (7)
39. Mickey Mouse camera I get from the continent (7)
41. Luggage without second key? A bad look (6)
42. Sign first letter in shrewish type (6)

One thought on ““Have ye seen the size o’ that thing (again), Doctor?” (Doctor Who Abjures Norms!) (7,5,9)

  1. Having reassembled ourselves in one place, we spent an enjoyable afternoon wrestling with this one in between some of us having to listen to lectures from certain others of us on punk bands of the late 70s, complete with excessively annoying illustrative humming. Aside from that part, we had a splendid time. It was tough though! (That is by no means a complaint.)

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