Like the start of the R.A.F.’s Rubik’s Cube contest: “OK, chaps – unscramble!”



1. Rover’s belief ruffled in turn (8,6)
9. A bit of damage to Chris, after one showed a way to find those responsible (9)
10. Edge in over George W. (5)
11. Race to its start? What a waste (5)
12. Is out of print, was out of sight: Scot’s reptiles (9)
13. Vulgar type, perhaps not right to form partisan group (7)
15. Scratch Post Office, say, for what’s in House (no. 8) (7)
17. They aren’t morons; on the contrary, I hear they instruct us (7)
19. Many fool Gardner with root (7)
20. Amidst grass, shocks for reason (9)
22. “LLLLLL” – a warble (5)
23. Only the end of civilisation’s quivering fabric (5)
24. Adam goes to University of London to get lady round for one of the Spinners (9)
25. Prepare cue and speech for subject of photograph, how contrary (5,3,6)


1. Close follower of Coleridge due to arrive before half five in ward (9,5)
2. Displays “Where Eagle’s Dare” – comes before Church, during refreshments break (3,6)
3. Pen shed by Companion of Honour (5)
4. Peacekeepers recognised the unfamiliar (7)
5. Foot first engraves wraiths (7)
6. Home to 494 bills, which could cause ill-will (9)
7. Original Marilyn, usually cut short (5)
8. Old enough to draw sea opening out around a type of seaman (11,3)
14. Nails coil around line connecting areas of equal slope (9)
16. Quiet line from cliché (9)
18. Suspect? Not us – artist with ranges of colours (7)
19. Made meal for Tom before start of dinner (7)
21. Tip her head under the plough (5)
22. Swimmer from unwritten chapter (5)


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