“The London Underground is not a political movement!”

(“A fish called Wanda”)

Another attempt, I hope well polished.


9. An overdue encoding – to Morse, perhaps (9)
10. Copper found in the Spanish place (5)
11. Change when afternoon begins? (5)
12. Repay trip organised to faraway destination? (9)
13. Sabotage public relations exercise (7)
14. Bloom’s famous last word (7)
17. Beat journalist: “Like lift music!” (5)
19. Reddish-brown bark (3)
20. One to transport, on a bearing of 90 degrees (5)
21. Long ago, when Miss Gale arrived in Oz? (4,3)
22. See 4
24. Spouting her oral rubbish without a word of approval (9)
26. Capital M contained by Spanish knight’s leaders (5)
28. Girl returned after 6 to get old records (5)
29. Unbounded, as ability is to capability (9)
1. See 6
2. Religiously follow point of billboard (6)
3. He heard dad resolve to be pragmatic (10)
4, 22ac. Tavern owner, almost irritable, edges away from hands-on Champ (4,2,7)
5. Possession of a real beverage, so they say (8)
6, 1. Herbal medicine is spread around love area (4,4)
7. Game with rapid hand movement? (8)
8. See the unknown after clairvoyance, perhaps (4)
13, 24. Crush tailless insect against baseless support with endless anger (5,4)
15. Child from P.O.W. camp found in cave… (10)
16. …imp is dreambound, oddly (5)
18. Intended course chap pursues to become loud and mournful (8)
19. “Slightly cold” – said spitefully (8)
22. Mild exclamation after sea creature proves to be cold and damp (6)
23. Spanish knight almost sounds like his squire’s mount (6)
24. See 13
25. Part of model organisation backed type of model (4)
27. Equating potassium with sulphur will get you a smack! (4)

2 thoughts on ““The London Underground is not a political movement!”

  1. Whoopee! Got ’em all! Not that it was easy; in fact we had to disembowel it slowly, but that made it all the more satisfying to ink the last letter. Our favourites: 14 across and 23 down. We do love a cleverly-turned clue. And we love amusing ones even more: we laughed a lot at 6 down. (BTW, there’s a small typo in 6 down: it should be (4,4) rather than (4).)

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