Grrls just wanna have fun

Enjoy! 😀

1 Pilot meets returning aliens; smart alec said flipping vast assemblage (13)
9 Expose to radiation, a dangerous setback for a 1 (8)
10 Foolish swine follow, you say, like fools? (6)
12 Bootless boss lost in my coat of many colours (6)
13 Usual cry of disgust over beheading ceremony (8)
15 New star taking a dip in drink returns to a 1 (7)
16 “Love rock?” (4)
19 He returns a 1 to the “Lazy Z” (4)
20 Separate ewes from rams (and whales) for a 1 (7)
23 Theologian finds Christian (Sir Richard) in river (8)
24 Swine’s first to be a pig? (6)
26 Violas played for Royal Family (6)
27 Cool body for each tower (8)
28 Pre-emptive closure from sparkling wine (tut!) and close friend (French) (1,6,2,4)
2 East Ender: “Hope he swallowed drug!” (6)
3 Suited traveller to say: “Stop crowding me, dude, I need some ___, __!” (8)
4 Picket Uist, just in case (4)
5 Einstein has sources stolen, sadly; it’s settled in court (6)
6 Even tofu, fairly, has a small part in “This Is Your Life” (8)
7 Lock keeper went about with a greeting for every sailor at first (9,4)
8 Triumphs of style over substance in bestseller “Le Toff” ? (6-7)
11 Gomez’s cousin appears in epic 1 (7)
14 Deer departed, I hear, to go to rest (4,3)
17 He’s hiding cash-back, is labourer (8)
18 Support loose dentures (8)
21 Wearable bomb site? (6)
22 Ridiculous hesitation heard in “Hair” (6)
25 Re one dancing on pinhead: it was angel (4)

2 thoughts on “Grrls just wanna have fun

  1. We are in complete sympathy with the sentiment expressed by the title of this one, and can report that we did indeed have fun, and lots of it too, since as well as having a THEME!!111!!1!! this was a toughie. We’re still chewing on a couple. We got 28 across immediately, then had to spend ages working out why – clever! 25 down was also wonderfully clever, with bonus surreptitious Whoishness – nice!

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