I Should Have Known Better…

….but I made up another crossword anyway.

1. Conveyance with two-stroke engine (7)
5. Hot, hot, hot high heels worn by Bret Easton (7)
9. Am I going to start for China? (5)
10. Requisition make up from nuns (5,4)
11. Shelley claimed to be “One Imperfect Allegorist” (10)
12. 17 goddess with power to char… (4)
14. …three pines, from which we get a 21 by a 1 down (4,4,4)
18. Ring leads Bilbo to dance around commercial estate (say)
to a bouncy tune (2-2-2,2-2-2)
21. Boy George initially produces 18, for example (4)
22. Odd point, being made to pay to be at liberty (10)
25. Edgar – or William – rubs deviously around bully (9)
26. Maori tribe left twice to get a 21 by a 1 down (1,4)
27. Basic principle of detective show: eliminate three characters (7)
28. Took aim at saw (7)
1. Be at least partly ex-prefab (6)
2. 24th 27 in 32nd? Wince! (6)
3. To oppose Cecil, say, would be a turning point (10)
4. When pre-gay, she bombed (5)
5. Surface designed to lift Henry’s margins; he’s lifted 19 (9)
6. Instrument sounds somewhat unreliable (4)
7. Not the Declaration of Independence! (1,4,3)
8. Site of record-breaking respectful imitation (8)
13. Gay feigned conversion to claim for skin care product (3,7)
15. Dr Who alien close behind in great prequel to “The Arms of Morpheus” (4,5)
16. Finding unnatural bliss in mystery writer is conceivable (8)
17. Do loners put out tongue once? (3,5)
19. Nation struggling to obtain oil… (6)
20. …plus light’s gone off (6)
23. Band used after ring (5)
24. Your “soul” requirement? (4)

4 thoughts on “I Should Have Known Better…

  1. We finally managed to establish a quorum, even if the wits of some of us were dulled by cough syrup (or so they claimed). What a particularly splendid crossword! With everything referring to everything else, we were convinced for ages that we were going to be able to get a grand total of one, but once we got rolling we actually managed to get it all – hurrah! It was enjoyably testing across a number of disciplines. We particularly liked 27 across for its deeply satisfying cleverness (not really fans ourselves, but we’ve seen enough to have got it) and we liked the ones with local content as well. Masses of fun – go you!

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