Bottoms up!


1. Mine get rough tonight for a portrayer of 9 (9)
6. Preserve, specifically, 9’s companion (5)
9. Programme every third mud burrower to laugh (2,3)
10. Ate much junk? Herein my prognosis (9)
11. Peace and majesty bestowed upon amphibian (10)
12. Porridge ingredient hot? My word! (4)
14. £1 in change to service receivers (7)
15. Briggs’ creation, currently wearing S&M article… (7)
17. …meanders to our empty House (7)
19. Shows Dot’s follower amongst seats (7)
20. Containers head to terminus on this day of the month (4)
22. An explosive device in a male ungulate sounds ghastly (10)
25. She talked about getting legless 23 of 9 (3,6)
26. Feel what body-building G-string aspires to! (5)
27. Tupelo found in Tony’s saloon (5)
28. Misbehave constantly (not half!) like a snake (9)
1. Deist suffering regular ups and downs… (5)
2. …or very much in a troubled state; control would be a good example (9)
3. Neologisms cured the blues! (10)
4. Darker skin colour in fatty tissue reflecting muscular condition (7)
5. Colour found between ends of nameless songs (7)
6. Take successors to first 3 members of INXS to find delights (4)
7. 9 creature is son of deity (5)
8. Trumpeters’ toneless call to colonists (9)
13. Marilyn almost embraces writer returning to European country (10)
14. “Author! Author!” (9)
16. Show rear, a turn-on with tip of shiny footwear (4,5)
18. Roy’s mistaken to say they run takeaways? (7)
19. E.g. Maggie’s active in pursuit of little rascals (7)
21. Voice gives away origins (5)
23. Dash with Dot’s aunt to meet unknown antagonist (5)
24. Infant pop art movement (4)

5 thoughts on “Bottoms up!

  1. You’ll be gratified to know that partway through this one of us said thoughtfully “She’s getting more fiendish, in my opinion”. We couldn’t disagree. 9 across didn’t trouble us for long, but even its friends were often gristly, and and as for the rest… It might help, of course, if we didn’t spend half our solving time on pointless ancillary arguments (Tupelo – Mississippi or Texas? Mississippi! Texas! Oh, both) and/or fabricating answers from whole cloth (obviously you’ve heard of Pat Davros, legless Irish creator of the Daleks? Tis legendary he is, to be sure, to be sure.) Delightfully topical in the runup to next week. Brava!

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