“She’s getting more fiendish, in my opinion!”

I hope this does nothing to change that opinion. 😀



9. “Eating doughnuts” – a clip, surprisingly well illustrated (9)
10. Like many, I have a standard encoding (5)
11. Florist circled oddly to obtain a drink (7)
12. Urban area giving clue for … Ow! (7)
13. Consumed, consumed, consumed by unmarried men (5)
14. Many blame senseless last item entering agreement (9)
16. Performed occasionally? (10,5)
19. A fighter, artist and politician, like the Arctic Tern (9)
21. “Yes, pal, go west” – ex-president (5)
22. A sorceress loses love to a roundabout arrangement (7)
23. Obscure blubber with short measure (7)
24. Freedom for commercials? (I just made that up) (2,3)
25. Music with haunting refrain? (9)


1. “Swapped rounds from his severance!” (10)
2. A clue requires original study to interpret correctly (8)
3. Leave before drink leads to decline (2,4)
4. Nearly rest upon what’s used for relief work (4)
5. Tossed in meal tray – it’s good for you (10)
6. Imagine doctor is in, yes? … to probe blockage (8)
7. Type of power sent to sea at top of first column (6)
8. Ordered to prostrate yourself for king (4)
14. Finds final comfort in design of a square (10)
15. Visit everyone with fizzy cola (sic) earlier (6,4)
17. Attack withdrawal of assistance from small group (8)
18. True to basis of revolution, hides a spoiler (8)
20. Heartless young woman confounded lady with a will (6)
21. It’s clear lady has it after work (3-3)
22. One container’s open (4)
23. Elegant young lady, almost (4)

PDF version .. GX26116



5 thoughts on ““She’s getting more fiendish, in my opinion!”

  1. It changed our opinion not a whit, because we found it tough as. There was curse-hurling aplenty! But it was a splendidly effective carrot for getting through our review. We swore particularly at the metaness of 22 and 23 across, but our favourite clue was 21 across (ritual spitting, waving of crosses and garlic). Thank you for the exquisite agony!

    • Thank you for undergoing it, and for the comments – which are what keep me going back and starting another one, even though “the novel won’t write itself” (sometimes it seems to, thank god!)

      Originally I did a PDF version so I could print it out to give my boss at work (heh heh … surprisingly, I have remained in my job despite receiving more curses from that direction… !) but anyway, I will make it a regular fixture.

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