Well, here’s another clue for you all…

This is something I picked up from John Lewis*


9 Edgar Allan Poe kicking Glad about (see how she flies!) (9)
10 Submit oneself to being crisp, firm and healthy (5)
11 See 6 dn
12 It perforates gut, feeling around extremity with head up backside (4,5)
13 Country heads towards middle ground; deal ends in a period of heightened tension (4,3)
14 Angle zip makes with rifle (3-4)
17 Only driven occasionally; hit once (5)
19 Will’s prince who refused to open doors? (3)
20 What you get from standing in the English rain: very hoarse, say, by end (5)
21 A demonstration of needling, giving one for one, is relatively easy (7)
22 In that musical instrument’s dropped fourth harmonic (7)
24 I am the Walrus? (9)
26 Didactic start and over-ironic endings, like many a column (5)
28 I am the eggman! (5)
29 Rio Tinto initially leaking “yellow matter” before protest group (5,4)
1 Hamburger agreeing to join gym for a joke (4)
2 Heartless botanist skinned walrus; uncommonly harsh (6)
3 It’s important in an emergency to not harm influential person (5,5)
4 Hastier strip (6)
5 “I’ve had enough of ‘ringing’ fat-headed, uptight, lawless leaders…” (8)
6,11 “…and I am NOT the Walrus!” (Nurse keeps restrained) (9)
7 Overturning not-so-elementary penguin, with diamonds (8)
8 Where the dead lie (4)
13 Confines pigs with nothing to eat (5)
15 Once you strayed, sadly, to original sin; such occasions define our past (10)
16 Heard concealed source of music (5)
18 Got dirt on heavy metal – hidden backwards: “Destroy bishop for evil god!” (8)
19 Writer without PC to get printout (4,4)
22 Twice set about biting fly (6)
23 Sometime flyer earns wings with no help from Poles (6)
24 Rodent without small pout (4)
25 Mere rodent brought up? No (4)
27 Fetching beginners to climb up Tour Eiffel (4)

*John Lewis is a UK department store … but I was thinking of Lennon and Carroll.



2 thoughts on “Well, here’s another clue for you all…

  1. We were thinking more of the department store, but that’s no surprise – such is our cultural level that when it came to 19 across we were thinking less of what you had in mind and more of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air:). A delightfully themey one with some wonderfully clever clues. Since we were meeting for Big Finish and handcrafts we found 21 across particularly apposite, and the lovely 24 across elicited heartfelt groaning. Our other favourite was 29 across – bonus points for the local ref. A generally splendid time was had by all, so many thanks!

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