-e to the power of i times π


8 Tolerate trim wildcat for a 1 (8)
9 Almost startled to hear wee calculator (6)
10 Bill singularly objects to an entrance of mine (4)
11 Inventor of a type of 1 has diamond riding crop (10)
12 Remove offensive content from organ, say (6)
14 A couple of places where this might be heard (but only if they’re 1 ones!) (3,5)
15 1’s two times a lady (4)
17 “It’s a 1 for the shows!” (5)
18 Argue with opinion (4)
19 A 1 later overturned in court (8)
20 Pilots of Thunderbirds? Ace chaps to have around! (6)
22 Expert’s dissertation on e.g. a dental 1 (10)
23 Pen cross letter to gloomy 3? (4)
24 The whole lot’s eaten by a friend of Dorothy! (2,4)
25 After 1, they positively ascend (8)
1 Middle eight in “The Lady in Red” (Chinese version) ? (6)
2 Measure a type of 1 (4)
3 About to gobble up cream (6)
4 Careworn sophist failing to revere the dead (8,7)
5 Cutting edge sound effect during wash cycle (3-5)
6 Might one be permitted to use a beam and pivot to move a type of 1? (10)
7 Could become inflamed (like a 1, perhaps?) (8)
13 A type of 1 is, in other words, stolen from Susie at the boarding house (10)
16 A type of partner (not 1) knocks back the band (8)
17 Coin half broken by something like a scimitar (8)
20 Potential purchaser of 8 1 gets less grand possessions (6)
21 Gloomy pessimist good at dropping 23ac, say, from a 1 (6)
23 Decline a central character from “The 1” (4)

 PDF . . . 130214 

PS I like to flatter myself that the late, great John Galbraith Graham might have enjoyed this one.

2 thoughts on “-e to the power of i times π

  1. We dunno about John Galbraith Graham, but we enjoyed this one enormously. So many clever clues, including some diabolically sneaky ones, on the key clue word! What’s more, we went on to do some of the Telegraph ones we used to do, only to find them so very yawnsome compared with the toothsomeness and entertainingness of yours that we ended up thowing them away. You have ruined us for other compilers!

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