Just another crossword

Not particular themey this time, and not based around one particularly abstruse clue … (but I hope still fun) 🙂


1 Cambric and lead accommodate what may be called guttering (6)
4 How I got into talk earlier? That’s The $64,000 Question! (8)
10 Mars Rover: not a restorer? (9)
11 Disreputable scion of prickly hero (5)
12 State in which there’s no mind, primarily (4)
13 Roughly sum up hi-fi enthusiast (10)
15 Tested composition of recently created currency? (7)
16 Trauma follows the French militiaman from 6 (6)
19 Accommodation for journalists investigating the Shard (6)
21 Covering everything? (7)
23 Idiot ruled without being sent elsewhere (10)
25 Doctor’s assistant heads into garden of remembrance (4)
27 Bishop kept in animal accommodation made his mark (5)
28 Provides most accommodation (using these?) (9)
29 Orbital imagers resolve model sandals! (8)
30 Plaster covering cuts, backed by cotton tips (6)
1 County nurse swans by to get contents of ears (8)
2 Relative’s remote about atomic scale (9)
3 Start to evolve … back into baby? (4)
5 Like “The Luminaries” – gold rush heading to Roberts (7)
6 Godfather and adversary reflect about a good man,
where the best is like the worst (4,2,4)
7 Healthy extremities can be useful (5)
8 Cool, like a 1 ac? (6)
9 Medication makes broadcaster lose rotundity (6)
14 Whoo! Presley’s Throwers regularly play this! (10)
17 Cure for a pain in the bum? (9)
18 Coal fires burning? No, I eat out (8)
20 But 26 toppled a tower! (3,4)
21 Not that remote from lifting a vow of silence (6)
22 With popular support, Queen returns to the country (6)
24 Covering article about street-walker (5)
26 Enthusiastically attack butter (4)

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2 thoughts on “Just another crossword

  1. A definite funarama! A fortuitous True Detective gathering was swiftly repurposed and we commenced bending our brains. Lots of wonderfully enjoyable clues – we particularly laughed at 17 down and 15 across, and filled 11 across in smugly since several of us wasted our youths that very way. Needless to say, it was taxing. Very, very, taxing. 6 down in particular looked alluringly simple but it took us forever until someone finally hauled it out of a memory crevice. If you ever lie awake worrying you make these things too easy? DON’T BOTHER.

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