Coffee break!


1 70s, single, without love and dates, gave toast (3,4,3,5)
8 Yellow bounder: “I heart mum!” (7)
10 Copying, though not to a ‘T’ (5)
11 May follow Marx or Capital (3)
12 Ne’er has Dr Who alien been ancient one (11)
13 Band leader Thomas is right in the frame (5)
14 Anklet used to settle account with Einstein (5)
15 Will had much for one party (3)
16 Hose fault featured in cricket (3)
17 Thus, limit of Hamlet’s flesh (5)
18 Instant model gets food… (5)
19 …telegram follows: DONE WITH BIBLE CLASS. “Take it back!” “I can’t!” (11)
22 Chop, behead, masticate! (3)
23 Back Arab able to hide elephant (5)
24 Return sacred syllable to free a 14 dn (7)
25 Sufi gives clue for “shrived” (8,7)
1 Force peace-loving type of warrior to imprison head of state in Thomas’ work (8,7)
2 What Boccaccio wrote of French P.M. (9)
3 Chip-in time for Heather (5)
4 Overactor’s a witty endorsement for spirit (9)
5 Bolt as the French Bishop returns (7)
6 Hot water’s rising for Piaf (5)
7 Riotous howlers by longtime fan of bad spelling (5,10)
9,15 Divine comedian Hergé, Italian? I’d say otherwise (5,9)
14 After cutback, Ötzi becomes Bobby (9)
17 Quite a few are cut off, Einstein! (7)
18 Hollow treat containing short message (5)
20 Hopper detailed to become priest (5)
21 Captured? Escape with a Mighty One! (5)

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One thought on “Coffee break!

  1. Ha, well as it happens, we whisked through this in less than half an hour. We would have felt terrifically brainy (for once) except for our lurking suspicion that pity was being taken. Either way, we had a tremendous time with it – our favourite clues were 12 across (of course!) and 14 down (so clever!). A perfectly splendid time was had by all – thank you!

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