Unlatch the door and scratch holes in the night

The title is from a song by the magnificent, luminous Pete Sinfield, best known, I imagine, as the lyricist for the early King Crimson, a wayward jazz/rock band that had quite an influence on my childhood in the years before punk rock came along and blew everything upside down and inside out.

But enough about me. Here’s another crossword.


1 “2nd rate revels? I’m outta here!” – a realist (perhaps 25’s type) (6)
5 Vicious sort of argument for a flyer (8)
9 See 11
10 Spoils marsupials’ pubs, I’m told (5)
11,9 1’s avenger in labyrinth, nearly swallowed by flightless bird near home of many such (4,4)
12 Repent around lunchtime (5)
13 The Cosmic Balance is on lines of 1’s imagined Paradise (7)
16 Youngster relishing third conjunction of tongues (5)
17 Henchman’s been stolen, according to report (7)
19 Target audience for “C’mon, baby, do the Locomotion” ? (7)
21 Drug one eschewed to obtain long-legged colonist (5)
24 Eating patriotically? (7)
25 Dumbledore, perhaps, to add 32ed silver infusion (5)
28 1’s interminable book found on The Strand (4)
29 Methods of getting to secretary; so non-U (5)
30 World realised in one of 1’s best longer works (4)
31 Fearful feature of cat (one that needs to be put out, I hear!) (8)
32 1’s abominable multiplier, which “the Giftie gie us” (6)
2 We have operation before work (4)
3 Journal of edgy letters owned by magnate; almost first edition (7)
4 Knight and three Cardinals, with hooters (6)
5 Metals one returned to marked killer (4)
6 Start with one guy, add some more – Boris and Yuri, perhaps? (8)
7 Discover secret of Fantastic Mr Fox (7)
8 Regard an art idiom with perplexity (10)
14 Warning: Grant ate 10 tuna (10)
15 Nanny missing point of Ancient Greek centre (5)
18 Ensure weed takes root, in here perhaps (5,3)
20 Outmoded UK territory? (7)
22 Circle around the Ball, as in a 32 of habit (7)
23 Don’t answer, I’m all over the place (6)
26 Break prop (4)
27 Party, party like you’ll soon be dead as! (4)




2 thoughts on “Unlatch the door and scratch holes in the night

  1. Hotcrossbunwordapalooza! The halcyon days of last weekend were merely a wispy trail of remembered glory as we struggled bloodily with this one. We were forced to finish all the freshly made hot cross buns for brain fuel and still couldn’t get them all. Wiping off the crumbs, we slunk away in defeat, but it was great fun even if it got the better of us. We will sneak up on the remains when it isn’t looking. Thank you for the carnage!

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