An accidental crossword…

…see comments for the sorry tale.

Not me!


1 Note king chasing cleric westward to get powdered 23 (9)
6 Thanks dads for appetisers (5)
9 Refuse to be terrible in conversation (5)
10 Employed staff to influence storm (9)
11 Ode to Lorna, novel writer and all-round genius (8)
12 Time to record Scottish exclamation? (5)
14 Horrified to find that Silver has Tonto’s head (6)
15 Uncle, say, has right to happiness (8)
16 Swiftean work of satire? Definitely! (3)
17 Fortified by a short dash, perhaps (8)
19 Indigenous person to echo Oscar: “Move lightly in between!” (6)
22 Chairman pushing Bible study for indigenous people (5)
23 HagS without a verbal prohibition to evildoers (8)
25 Worry over misplaced emphasis (6,3)
26 Head of poem? Tail of poem? Tibetan lake! (5)
27 Family took drug to become shapely (5)
28 Replaces drink factories (9)
1 Instrument I’ve hidden in book (4)
2 Training for new student in the act of seeking advice (9,6)
3 Rocks net aboard space station (7)
4 Centre seeking location of patient (6)
5 Squeezed, so liquid gold flowed uphill (8)
6 Fabric used to make raised fat cheese (7)
7 Epitome of erotica in Spin Doctor (15)
8 Rocket scientist cried foul in a 15 ac (10)
13 Was “Singing in the Rain” written for King George? (5,5)
15 Two-tone description of nature’s projections (3)
16 They tend to respond concerning those who do (8)
18 Lawbreakers making TV appearance for a deep singular 24 of 15 dn (7)
20 Remove pate with letter opener (7)
21 How part of foot marches? (6)
24 Chaucer’s uneven shades (4)


Infrared Photography

7 thoughts on “An accidental crossword…

  1. My humblest apologies, I appear to have used an old version of the grid! I have replaced it with the correct one, and will now go into the garden and eat worms.

    Yours highly embarrassedly,

  2. We found this perfectly pitched: it took us a good two hours to get it out, but get it out we did, so it was knotty yet extremely satisfying. And splendidly entertaining hours they were! We loved the little themette, too, the clue to which here we’ve only just realised *was* a clue – duh. (Pearls before swine, obviously.) Thanks so much! We had one tiny, almost invisible quibble: assuming we got the answer right, we’d contend 2 across is two words.

  3. Thank you 🙂

    You’re probably right about the two words, but it can’t be 2 across ’cause there aint no 2 across! Perhaps you meant 10 across (which is 2 in binary numbers, I’m reliably informed) – if so then according to my trusty Wiktionary it can be 2 words, or it can be just one. I’m never sure what to do when that happens, so I follow my instinct and go for whichever seems likely to make the answer less obvious (heh heh).

    Anyway, thank you for doing it, and for the kind comments. It was quite hard to clue, for some reason, so I particularly appreciate discovering that it was knotty yet satisfying! 😀

    • Whoops, sorry! This one seems to be a chapter of accidents:). We meant 25 across. (Also, tee hee, as one word seemed the more likely (indeed, the only one we’ve ever heard of) for 10 across, so we accidentally yet neatly evaded your trap!)

      And thanks for doing it are very definitely not necessary. You should hear our squeaks of delight when a new one arrives. The thanks are all in the other direction.

  4. That must be at least my third oops!

    You’re right of course, I didn’t actually look that far (because 10 seemed possible…..and the binary joke…..oh well…..or should I say oops #4!)

    I’m very happy to hear (or even hear about) the squeaks of joy. I have to admit a few of my clues make ME laugh, which I take to be a good sign. Plus ift keeps the old brain ticking over. Anyway can’t stop I have another crossword to compose (and a novel to polish) 😀

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