A form of embroidery



1. Watched over small spacecraft? (4-3)
5. Impressionistic 27, about 50, to join my Roman star cartographer (7)
10. 27 King in unsuitable accommodation (4)
11. Dissolution of life counts as the most dramatic departure (10)
12. Magician’s no-shower (6)
13. One of 3 heads victoriously removed – half way to virtue, but only half! (8)
14. Thumper spirits insect away from doe’s head (9)
16. Supposedly, baby carrier supporter exchanged one metal for another (5)
17. Perhaps amphibians originated within the Cat’s Paw nebula (5)
19. Computer control programme swings either way, with a bit of fetishism? (Yes, you’ll need virus protection!) (9)
23. Bag used by lady copper during bathroom revamp (8)
24. All mod cons except the last may be made into a manhole cover (6)
26. A chemical reaction with nitrogen? Boring! (10)
27. Frost, say, resulting from freezing point in (for example) Labrador (4)
28. The power of persistence? (7)
29. Leave when tipple’s exhausted (4,3)
2. It’s worth a lot to take in friend, right? (I don’t get paid for this, you know) (7)
3. You’ll take both ends and place them around a work by 27 to make a sound like Tarzan (5)
4. Initially, Pinaceae Abies could be found in middle parts of coat stand (2,5)
6. Get good vibes from cask and what comes in a stein (4,2)
7. Like 27 in this crossword, it’s in the French word “whether” (9)
8. French star cartographer, relatively untidy (7)
9. A form of embroidery used by 27 (6,7)
15. Over emotionally damaged ilk and shy, following mother’s lead (9)
18. Stop the spin doctors’ show! (7)
20. Man of the world rushes back with full heart, at heart (7)
21. Is 27 a god of Vichy water? (7)
22. “Make a surprise attack between 6 and 29” – Marshall’s advice (4,2)
25. Plump Finn regularly performing reverse of acrobatic spring (3-2)

PDF … Embroidery


2 thoughts on “A form of embroidery

  1. Ha-HA! Just inked the last one! Thoroughly enjoyable as ever.

    11 across: lovely! A particularly delicious word in our opinion.

    6 down etc: that was MEAN. We thought that was said by somebody else, AS YOU WELL KNOW.

    24 across: best. Answer. EVER. We laughed immoderately. Take a bow!

    • Thank you 😀

      11 across … Isn’t it, though? I was quite chuffed to fit that in, fortuitously (as I’m sure you realise, some answers are planned, then the others fitted around them. This was one of the latter.)

      6 down etc … tee hee. Maybe I should use “Schadenfrau” as my “crossword name”. An early version included the name of you know who, however once I actually bothered to do some research I found that it was like one of those things that gets Alan Davies the “QI klaxon” (if you follow that particular indulgence) – something everyone knows, which is in fact wrong.

      24 across … thank you so much. I must admit I was hoping for that reaction from that particular answer!

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