There is no depression in New Zealand….

…and I like to think the GIANT MATARIKI CROSSWORD is in some small way a contributory factor! 😀

1. Flying Nun rose to briefly aid explorers? In our dreams! (11)
7. Religious practitioner take note: 10 is like Able (6)
10. Alex G. used to indicate when we should gather to the chapel (4)
14. More chance of hurt feelings if mastery rejected and taken in by a woman (7)
15. Type of film in which supporter loses head to cheerleader (5)
16. First four seconds count – ranch-hands are embracing the Spider Woman! (7)
17. Also not without 31 (3)
18. Lie like a lounge room lizard to a friend backing enclosures as outstanding examples (13)
19. Gave lessons in any branch of learning, say? That goes without saying (9)
20. I get an encore! (5)
22. Chewed cud, joined with herd – an ersatz agrarian experience (4,5)
24. Break in servile gesture? Yes (3,3)
26. Paramilitaries infiltrated by intelligence service jerk – what a pain (8)
27. Meant old attire, worn to rags (14)
30. Puzzle of piston pursuing piquancy (7)
31. Roadie had rock musicians (9)
33. Do computers and perfect letter insertion make this symbol redundant? (5)
34. Late bird with no self belief is cast out (5)
36. She’s from a sober society infiltrated by intelligence service (9)
39. Flat I’d spin one around in (7)
41. Where better reception is obtained by rearranging letters (7,7)
43. Drive to let off energy stored in revolutionary cold fusion product (8)
45. Anchor me in beds seen at princes’ funerals (6)
46. Looker finding inspiration before unusual trees (9)
47. Yokel turning straw to spectacles (5)
50. Writer and investigator having great time at festival (9)
51. Use head-spring to ensure still sane? (6,7)
53. Loyal hearts change sides, exchanging loyal heart for diamonds – troublesome business (3)
54. Diet number ten? I’ll say goodbye (7)
55. Time to leave online nuisance (5)
56. In principle, fish unite (7)
57. Heavy gas found aboard small vessel (4)
58. A “sly fem” perhaps? (6)
59. Listless after shuddering orgasms? Drop party pill, and feast! (11)
1. Acidic prophet, almost finished, was tragically drowned (7)
2. Scrub leaves dropping on the ground (11)
3. Dip quill, say (5)
4. Wisdom for heartless Darcy: “Try to achieve position of Overlord!” (8,8)
5. Strange about student leaving every other Sunday for a day in the Sun (8)
6. Wild wind alerts Zulu entering lair of Gnomes (11)
7. Heads, she speeds; tails, I hang on amidst ominous warnings (5)
8. Death reported of chap who croaked beneath bridge (6,8)
9. I transport American high flyer… (6)
11. …and French doctor keeps diary, in his mid-forties, for student of culture (11)
12. Get the chills from noisy psychedelic guru (5,2)
13. Scene in which neither parent appears! (8)
21. Hawthorne found on mountain that’s neither flat nor sharp (7)
23. If violently torn, I will explode (5)
25. Principal seizing cocaine? Sensational! (8,8)
26. Dogs like me (7)
28. Last moment rejection at 12 (7)
29. Supporter giving early cheer may signal end of impossible beliefs (9,5)
32. Paramilitaries held back by paramilitaries (3)
33. Fate of the French minute (7)
35. Chap left before tea to attend university like Oxbridge (11)
37. Carpenter may use this to increase tension! (5)
38. Fond of small charges; they’re less likely to make you cry bitter tears (5,6)
40. Clown hitting chap endlessly, just short of midnight (11)
42. Hypothetically, where you’d look for G-spot during an orgy (2,6)
44. Watery fluids and slippery one general returned to inner court (8)
45. Young dude follows policeman to imitation of a 25 offence (7)
48. Like the cat in “Shake, rattle and roll”, able to look at a King (of the Land of the Long White Sticks?) – but only just! (3,4)
49. Diarist unlikely to appear in “Midsomer Murders” (6)
51. Tom Foolery‘s central riff (5)
52. Vegetables, say, found during half a year at sea! (5)


4 thoughts on “There is no depression in New Zealand….

  1. Depression is now definitely marked by its absence due to this maddeningly hummable crossword, and perfect calmness is abounding, apart from the bits where we are laughing. And about that: several of us are struggling with assorted lurgies, and the clue for 59 across almost killed one of us whose laughter set her off on a near-fatal coughing fit. So go you!

    This one is going to take us AT LEAST another week to grapple with – in the interim, may we request assistance? There seems to be a mismatch between the number of boxes and the number of clues for 41 across and 38 down. We thought we might be able to figure them out anyway, but we were kidding ourselves.

    Happy Mataraki! We might even get this finished before it ends. Maybe.

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