Strangers in the night, exchanging glasses


1 Irritated at purposeless resorts (8,5)
9 Good queen no fun until ravished (in a spirit of generosity) (13)
10 Headless battleaxe rent last bit of lace (5)
11 Wild dancing in a disco? Yes, at first (9)
12,20ac Children’s story character’s low – got wind eating herb (11)
14 “Plant with gas” – a 70s hit (8)
15 Stand back! No introduction required for superior (3)
16 Atlas is, for example, detailed about slope of mountain (8)
17 Remove parts of hollow log from Mysterious Island (6)
19 Ultimate qualification takes you as far as possible (3,6)
20 See 12
21 Creature known to 12 reportedly bigs up “Carry On” star (13)
22 Dark mystery dispelled by youthful expansiveness (6,7)
2 A judge reflecting on time of maturity (5)
3 Just some Count I’d yearn to make promiscuous (6)
4 Opponents overthrow predator; Queen to decorate (8)
5 Hostile reviewer tellingly embraced Cromwell, say, as eternal optimist (9)
6 Mystery story I’ve endlessly indicated (3,4,2,4)
7 Mother (12’s?) hiding headgear, note, with greeting for spiritual leader (7,6)
8 Shrink Weird Al’s cyst with a phony additive (13)
9 Tear up label giving admission to lesson beside popular Edinburgh landmark (8,5)
13 I’m adding note after summary: “Not 100% accurate” (9)
14 Definition of concealed appendage (3)
15 Reptiles made observations, so to speak, of Lavender and Fleming (8)
18 Deity made chaps ethical? Nothing odd there (6)
20 Grasping implement to take to one’s archipelago (5)

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4 thoughts on “Strangers in the night, exchanging glasses

  1. Well, that was fun! Our favourite clues: 17 across (clever!) and 14 across (EXTREMELY clever! We were lost in admiration). Favourite words generated in desperation before the light broke through (there are always some of those): that well-known mountain range the Gralps (you know, in Gritaly) and that lovely spirit of generosity, benifinesness. Thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon!

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