Māyā isn’t my real name. I live in Auckland, New Zealand.


My crosswords have been called “sparkling” and “quirky” (sometimes by other people), and although I know how to be Ximenean (honest) I prefer to be Araucarian if I can manage it, even if I can’t pronounce it.

What some people who’ve done my crosswords have said… 🙂

Well, that was fun! Our favourite clues: 17 across (clever!) and 14 across (EXTREMELY clever! We were lost in admiration). Favourite words generated in desperation before the light broke through (there are always some of those): that well-known mountain range the Gralps (you know, in Gritaly) and that lovely spirit of generosity, benifinesness. Thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon!

Depression is now definitely marked by its absence due to this maddeningly hummable crossword, and perfect calmness is abounding, apart from the bits where we are laughing. And about that: several of us are struggling with assorted lurgies, and the clue for 59 across almost killed one of us whose laughter set her off on a near-fatal coughing fit. So go you!

And I can’t resist passing on this learned comment quoted in”MISLEADING CONTEXTS: THE CONSTRUCTION OF AMBIGUITY IN THECRYPTIC CROSSWORD CLUE” by John Ckary:

All published cryptics are the creations of individual writers whose “…art is to construct miniature texts delicately poised between (at least) two contexts, sharing finally the resonances of both.”

The quote-within-a-quote is from Noreiko. S. 1983. ‘Recreation and re-creation: French crossword clues as case studies in ambiguity’. Quitquerease 6/2i23A-8.


The Crazy Stuff

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